Business Skills for the Contractor or Tradesman

Contractor's Business School® is a training, consulting and coaching business specializing in working with contractors and tradesmen. Since 1993, we've taught business owners the systems and strategies that enable these types of business to run smoothly and profitably. Our programs immediately put you into action, working on the issues that are challenging you right now.  We teach tried and true best practices, systems, and strategies - no trial and error, no wondering if you're doing it right, no falling into traps that continue to put a drag on your business.


Why a StandAlone Business model?

If the business cannot "do business" without you, it's very limited in it's profit and growth potential.  And not sustainable for the long-term.  It's hard to sell and not very valuable when sold.  Typically, owner dependent business are that way because there is a serious lack of systems and strategies that make the business run smoothly on it's own as well as strategies to find and attract the best employees at competitive rates.

What's a standalone business?

  • A business that works for you, instead of the other way around
  • Day to day business operations run by themselves
  • Owner dictates his/her own hours, works as much or little as desired
  • Less frustrations, firefighting, headaches
  • Owner focuses on major decisions and projects
  • Business has higher sales value
  • Business is easily transferred to others
  • Business operates effectively when owner is absent, even for extended periods

About Jayme Dill

Jayme Broudy

Since 1993, Jayme has coached business owners on how to produce more profit in less time. Her StandAlone Business Programs help business owners who want to create fewer working hours, peace of mind, a more balanced life, and a renewed passion for their business.

Over the years Jayme has worked with hundreds of business owners from all walks of life and in every imaginable business type.

She started her coaching career in 1993 when she joined Michael Gerber’s Gerber Business Development Corporation (now E-Myth Worldwide). There, as Director of Business Development Services, she delivered consulting programs to clients, developed new programs, and oversaw the training of new consultants.

In 1996 she ventured into her own coaching practice, starting Pinnacle Consulting Group. A few years later based on the connection she developed with many building and trade professionals, she founded Contractors Business School.

Jayme is known for her ability to connect with clients and provide analysis, information, and direction for small to medium sized businesses.