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Contractor's Business School Featured In...

Rodger Markle Rodger Markle, Markle Electric

Working with CBS has been a great experience. It has helped me change the way I look at running my business. Ten years of working 60 hours a week being frustrated with employees not performing the way I wanted them to can really wear you down.  We have written procedures so my employees know how to do get their jobs done. Also, getting our financial reports up to date has been a tremendous help.

CC, President CC, President, Heavy Construction Firm

Jayme’s program really made me focus on what was needed and we are now definitely way ahead of our competition.  I used Jayme’s methods to grow my business to 125 employees which never would have happened otherwise. The program has helped me for years after. Thank you, Jayme!

John Peterson John Peterson, Weaver’s Rent All

The business was running because I was there, watching and making sure the employees and everyone did their jobs. But I know that if my sons took over, we needed to create systems to ease my departure from the business. The CBS process has been both challenging and exciting for all of us. It was just what we needed to move the business to the next level.

Larry, President Larry, President, AEM FireSystems

We are experiencing unprecedented growth and we are still moving ahead without the wheels coming off.   I am extremely grateful for our relationship with Jayme.

Less Hours, More Profit - Step-by-Step

Our online programs were created with the busy contractor or tradesman in mind.

We don’t overwhelm you with information. Instead, we deliver key concepts and guide you on the right choice of action steps that will make your business run efficiently.

Graduates of Contractor’s Business School® have seen these results!

• Grow business income from $1.3M to $12M
• Grow business on average by 25%
• Work up to 30% fewer hours
• Create effective staff/management teams
• Delegate more effectively with fewer employee headaches
• Make staff changes that have been nagging for years
• Become more confident about leadership
• Achieve more peace of mind and enjoy the business again


Are you facing the same problems over and over?

Our programs focus you on solving the particular challenges you face right now.

• Has your business reached a plateau and seems stuck?
• Are you the only one who seems to be able to do things right?
• If you took a month off, would your business be in a shambles?

If you said yes, we can show you how to create an StandAlone Business.

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar? ...

You are a skilled tradesman who started a business to provide a better life for yourself and your family. You expected that by becoming a business owner, you would enjoy more money, time, freedom, and independence. But you've ended up working long hours in a struggling business.

You may have inherited a family business. You watched your parents build a successful business, but at too high a cost. They missed quality family time because they were always immersed in day-to-day operations. You appreciate and respect what they accomplished, but you don't want to pay such a high personal price to continue. You know there must be a better way.

Or perhaps you got what you wished for, but it brought new challenges: the jobs came and your business grew. And with growth came employees, multiple jobs, bids, inventory, trucks, leases, insurance, regulations, callbacks, etc.

Now that your business is more complex, the challenges of running your business have multiplied. The result: you spend your time fighting fires, under stress, and working too many hours.

Even though you've managed to hold everything together the balancing act is taking it's toll and you wonder if the promise of entrepreneurship is a cruel joke, rather than a road to the better life you envisioned.

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